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Dan Dunn

63 Stowecroft Road  · Arlington, MA 02474

617.710.4081 · dunster@dandunn.org



Goal:  My goal is to utilize my technical and interpersonal skills to build and lead an effective and efficient customer support team for a small, rapidly growing and changing company. My broad skills in technical areas, customer management, and managing growth make me a unique asset in helping a company build and grow.

Skills:  Troubleshooting experience with: Microsoft’s W2K, W2K3, SQL, IIS, and MSDE; Oracle databases; TCP/IP, SMTP, and HTTP. Knowledgeable user of XP, Linux, and Macintosh, and a variety of software packages. I’m familiar with several programming/scripting languages including Java, C++, XML, and XSL transforms.


Experience                                IMlogic/Symantec

June 2004-present                Senior Client Services Engineer                                Waltham, MA

·         • Provide support to IMlogic customers. Support role focused on resolving escalated issues. Managed high-profile customers, ensuring satisfaction through difficult implementations.

·         • Support team management, including hiring, review, group performance tracking, training, and mentoring. 

·         • Performing professional services remotely and onsite, including architectural planning, installations, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

·         • Responsible for special projects including creation of proof-of-concept systems for high-profile prospects and managing conversions from competitors’ installations.


                                EMC/Documentum/eRoom Collaboration Division                                Cambridge, MA

July 2002-June 2004                Senior Technical Support Consultant

·         Providing third-tier technical support for eRoom server administrators. Issues commonly involve IIS, MS SQL Server, email configuration, browser plug-in support, data restoration, and upgrade advice.

·         Supporting the first integrations of eRoom Server and Documentum's Content Server. 

·         Responsible for training North American, European, and AsiaPac first-tier engineers.

·         Coordinating cross-departmental projects including documentation, quality assurance, development, support, and product marketing.



Feb. 1999- Dec. 2000       Director of Member Service                                                                            Cambridge, MA

I changed roles as the company was bought by The New York Times and grew from 25 to 70 people.  

Technical Support:

·         Responsible for technical implementation and support of a software product (Beehive) being installed in large companies and consultancies.

·         Maintained client relationships, learned client infrastructure and procedures, installed Beehive for clients, and supported its users. 

·         Identified and documented bugs.  Proposed and defined new features.  Helped to prioritize bugs, features, and release dates.

·         Did troubleshooting for Beehive’s various protocols, including MS IIS webserver, POP, and CORBA.

Member Service:

·         Staffed, trained, and managed the department as it grew 


·         Implemented a procedure for data capture and analysis of member activities 

·         Researched performance models, revenue models, and user segmentation. Wrote SQL queries against Oracle database.

·         Defined several previously unexplored user segments in the market. Designed and wrote usage reports for the design, product, community, and management teams. 

·         Improved our conversion rate, banner click-thru, retention rate, and other key metrics through analysis of member activities

Project/Operations Management: 

·         Coordinated equipment purchase, installation, setup, and testing of Abuzz’s web application designed to handle 2 million users; negotiated a web-hosting contract.

·         Handled all site operations during launch of http://www.abuzz.com  



Aug.1998-Feb. 1999                Customer Service Representative                                                                            Cambridge, MA

·         Responsible for answering all customer questions and problems

·         Assisted project management with decision making on feature implementation

·         Communicated customer needs to product team


                                Alpha Delta Phi International Fraternity

May 1995-May 1997       Chapter Service Consultant

As the only paid employee, I worked independently to advise 30 chapters in the United States and Canada.  Typically this involved maintaining a relationship with the university and its representatives, assisting in chapter budgeting and treasury activities, training and advising chapter officers, and advising alumni leadership.  I also organized annual conventions and bi-annual regional conferences, and assisted in fundraising, including managing the annual phonathon.


Education                                Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Other activities:  Biking, motorcycling, computer games, and darts.  Involved in local government, serving as an elected Town Meeting Member and member of Electrical Power Municipalization Study committee.

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